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4:38 PM October 20, 2017

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4:38 PM October 20, 2017

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Kelsey Merritt compared Liza Soberano to Emma Watson.

KELSEY MERRITT – The Filipino-American model has earned various comments after comparing Liza Soberano as better “Belle” than Emma Watson.

The social media has gone abuzz when a half Filipino- half American model Kelsey Merritt has compared Liza Soberano as better to have played the character Belle than that of Emma Watson.

Belle is the iconic character of the classic fairy tale story Beauty and the Beast.

kelsey merritt

Photo lifted from Pop Inquirer

This classic children’s story has been adapted into a film and the character of Belle was played by the gorgeous Emma Watson.

Emma Watson is a Hollywood star who is also known for his portrayal as Hermione Granger in the top grossing series Harry Potter.

kelsey merritt

Photo lifted from Pinterest

On the Twitter account of the model is where she stated, “Sometimes I’m just really wondering why Liza Soberano isn’t  in Hollywood yet.”

She then further stated, “Like… she could’ve been a better Belle than Emma Watson. My opinion.”

kelsey merritt

Photo grabbed from Twitter/ Kelsey Merritt
(Photo lifted from Fashion Pulis)

Thus, this has received various reactions from the people of the online community.

Here are some of the comments as obtained from the site of the Fashion Pulis when the same issue has been posted and shared:

Better Belle than Emma Watson? Hahaha. Girl, si Emma Watson ang malaking dahilan kung bakit kumita ang movie. Sa totoo lang. Star power nya yun. Nagkamali ka ng icocomoare kay Liza. And fyi kung hindi mo pa alam. Beauty is not equal to popularity or star power. Dami kayang mukhang doll at magaganda sa hollywood. Saka mas maganda kaya si Emma Watson kaysa kay Liza. Ewan ko na lang sasabihin ng mga fantard nya dito.

It takes a lot of effort and time to get in Hollywood. Her career in the Philippines might going to limbo if she focus to hollywood which is no guarantee.

I love Liza… but Emma Watson was PERFECT as Belle!! my opinion..

What can you say about this?

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