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Ellen Adarna Reveals John Lloyd’s Stand In Her Life Right Now

Ellen Adarna reveals something about John Lloyd Cruz.

ELLEN ADARNA – The Kapamilya actress Ellen Adarna reveals John Lloyd’s stand in her life right now through a comment in one of her posts in social media.

The controversially alleged couple, the Kapamilya artists Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz, despite the lying down of the issue over their relationship, is still making rounds in the social media community because of their intriguing posts.

Some of the people have not well-received the news about the budding romantic relationship but some are happy only that they should just avoid sharing reckless posts.

Considering their reputation as public figures, they also have a career to look after too.

However, John Lloyd is recently in a break after the ABS-CBN announced that the actor took an indefinite leave of absence to which was agreed by both parties.

Here is the official statement of the network over the above-stated matter according to a previous report“ABS-CBN and John Lloyd Cruz have agreed for him to take an indefinite leave of absence to attend to personal matters. John Lloyd will be taking a break outside the country and will return to ABS-CBN after his leave of absence.”

And lately, the two were speculated to went out of the country together.

On the Instagram account of Ellen Adarna is where she shared a photo of her which was taken by JLC.

The caption of the photo says, “My photographer @ekomsi.”

Then, one of the commenters intriguingly asked if the actor is really a “photographer only?”

And that is where the actress then revealed in a reply that John Lloyd is also her “bloggerjowa.”

Check out the post below:

elle adarna

Photo grabbed from Instagram/ Ellen Adarna

What can you say about it?

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