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4:47 PM June 5, 2017

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4:48 PM June 5, 2017

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A ‘quick after work redesign sketch’ of Darna costume revealed by the artist John Dimayuga.

DARNA COSTUME – This Darna costume by an artist for Liza Soberano has earned several comments from the people of the social media community.

Darna is a famous heroine of the Philippines not just because of its reputation to have good looks but also because of her unbelievable strength.

It was originally created by Mars Ravelo to which have left a remarkable and marked an immense emblem in the history of Philippine comics.

The first flight of the Filipina superhero took off on cinemas during the 1970’s and became an utterly huge hit as it had the big sales on the box office.

Just then so, the role has been handed down from generation to generation and in this era, the lucky star to have the iconic role is Liza Soberano.

Many were delighted but inevitable as it may seem, there were those who weren’t.

And the artist John Dimayuga had released a concept of the costume of Liza being the newest Darna on his Facebook account.

As seen on the artwork, the woman is dresses in a bit conservative costume compared to those worn by the past female artists yet the poise and the stance is strong.

The costume covered the body from shoulders down to the legs. She is indeed fully armored.

However, the concept art earned several negative comments from the people of the online community.

Some have mocked the artwork but others did not.

But a lot of them has commended as to how the art work was done beautifully.

Opinions of the people got varied but then again the costume was not confirmed yet and Liza is still in the middle of training as a preparation for the iconic role she has to play.

Check out the artwork below:

darna costume

Screengrabbed from Facebook/ John Dimayuga



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  • bluebird June 7, 2017, 8:24 am

    She looks like an Arab lady warrior! Balot na ballot! I think the Darna costume of ANGEL LOCSIN is better!

  • Jessa Marie June 20, 2017, 11:38 am

    Realistically, mahirap makipag laban ng naka bikini sa mga enemies. Parang yung kay Wanda of Avengers, costume was more conservative in the movie than in comic. Baka pwede mala Wonderwoman, less revealing pero wag naman balot na balot.

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