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Must-See: Transgender Beauty Will Surely Make Your Jaw Drop

The photos of this beautiful transgender went viral and has been making rounds of noises in social media.

TRANSGENDER – Photos of Marion Pasia, one of the may pre-op transwoman has been making noises on social media because of his jaw-dropping transformation.

The viral photo was from the Facebook page Hugot Beki and thus went viral through tagging of friends and sharing by the netizens who first saw the photo.

When we say  pre-op transwoman it means that a male has not undergone yet an SRS. Which also means that he still has male genitalia even though he already had undergone breast augmentation or any operation on the genital part.

Indeed,  the people of the online community was impressed by her unbelievable transformation.

However, adolescence stage of these people might be hard for it is the crucial time of their lives where they experience bullying because of the identity crisis they are going through.

But Marion has gone through all of it and certainly nailed it.

He has the beauty which some of the girls out there would surely get envy about.

Nevertheless, their sexual preference might be questionable on the aspect of religion but noticeably nowadays, they are accepted and tolerated in the society.

As of now, her photos is all over the internet.

On the comment section just below the post, a fiend of her had  commented that he had achieved such beauty without undergoing ‘under the knife’.

Meaning, reportedly, Marion is a pre-op transgender and and he never underwent a gender reassignment surgery.

There were who are skeptical of his beauty but e just answered that it was just through contouring and highlighting.

Persons who knows Marion was saying that if Marion is beautiful outside, he as well is beautiful on the inside.

Check out her photos below and let us know your reaction:


Photo from Hugot Bbeki Facebook Page


Photo from Hugot Bbeki Facebook Page


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