Viral Now: Photo Of Nurse’s Payslip Reveals Real Salary Rate

Nurse’s Payslip Photo Reveals Real Salary Rate Goes Viral

This photo of nurse’s payslip reveals the real salary rate of medical personnel in the hospitals nationwide goes viral in the social media.

The salary of the employees varies on their type of work, position in the company, incentives, deductions, bonuses, and other factors. Professionals are expected to have a higher salary compared to blue-collar job employees.

In a certain post in the social media, a photo shows a payslip of a nurse who only received P2, 860 for working in a period of 11 days or P260 per day. The nurse’s salary is much lower than the minimum wage set by the government for the laborers.

Nurse’s Payslip

The social media site “Rachfeed” assumed that the nurse works somewhere in Luzon or Metro Manila. However, this nurse can be also considered luckier than other nurses who actually pay the hospital just to let them volunteer without salary, so they can earn work hours needed to help them work abroad.

Nurses should be among the highest paid workers considering that BS Nursing is a difficult and an expensive course in college. Being a nurse is also a high-risk job for they are always exposed to all types of bacteria and diseases in the hospitals.

Nursing students need to undergo a hard training and pass the licensure examination before getting the actual job.

Nurse’s Payslip
Comments on the Nurse’s Payslip

National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) said that Non-Agriculture
including Private Hospitals with a bed capacity of 100 or less should have a daily rate of P491, but the nurse in the viral post only receives P260 daily.

Unfortunately, this is the painful reality faced by the nurses in the Philippines every day. It might be some of the reason why Filipino nurses choose to work abroad rather than their own country.

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