Look! Dance Moves Of This Kid Will Surely Move Your Feet To Dance As Well

A video of the little boy’s dance moves has crossed the social media, netizens have moved their feet to dance as well.

DANCE – The little have danced so well that his uploaded video went viral over the internet.

A video of a kid had gone viral and made the people of the online community happy because of the overloading cuteness and undeniable charm he possesses while he moves with the music.

The video was posted by the Facebook page Pinoy Viral X.

As shown on the video,  the child is so naive that he does not care about anyone or anything around him as long as he could dance.

Naiveté as it is,the child perhaps was not even aware that someone is recording a video of him dancing.

He was just dancing and dancing to his heart’s content in the rhythm of the music without even minding that a part of his butt is showing.

Charming, innocent, cute and bubbly are his assets to attract the social media people. Indeed, his moves brought a nice and good vibes to the people who is watching it.

Facebook users were saying that he is so cute and a lot were so fond of him. Some were even wishing that their child or grandchild could be like him or just like the way he moves or as energetic as he may seem.

Moves of the little boy may not that be complicated but the vibes he is emitting for everyone is priceless.

Netizens who saw the video really appreciated the irrefutable talent of the child.

One of the comments is,“Cute!!! Walang paki basta sayaw lang siya. He he he nakakatuwa dance pa more….”

One user said that what the boy did is called the Bakte in the Cavite particularly in Imus and Dasmarinas.

Watch his video below:


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