Pres. Duterte Eyes 24-Hour Hotline for Public Complaints

The incoming President of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Duterte said that he would set up a 24-hour hotline to receive the public’s complaints. The revelations of Mayor Duterte was first revealed on social media through an exclusive interview by Mocha Uson on Facebook.

Pres. Duterte Sugbu

Pres. Duterte was quoted as saying “I will place around seven or 10 person to man 24 hours a day. Direkta sa akin para mamonitor ko,” Duterte said. The outgoing Mayor of Davao City also reiterated his push for the reinstatement of death penalty and the establishment of the Department of Overseas Filipino Workers.

The 71-year-old Duterte also said that he would work to solve the traffic congestion in Metro Manila which will be headed by the incoming Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade who would ask “emergency powers” from Congress to respond to the traffic “crisis.”

The planned 24-hour hotline complaint center will feature a 12 hotline numbers where people can directly report to Pres. Duterte himself about corrupt practices of government employees and officials.

In a separate speech during the thanksgiving party celebration in Cebu City held at the Sugbo Grounds on Saturday, Pres. Duterte revealed that the 12 phone numbers can be used to access him 24 hours a day and will be manned by persons who will take note of their calls and complaints.

The visit of Pres. Rody Duterte in Cebu City is part of his commitment to gave back to the Cebuanos who voted him during the May 2016 national elections despite his lack of machineries and lack of funding but with an overwhelming support of ordinary people.

During Pres. Duterte’s visit in Cebu he thanked all the Cebuanos who vote for him which put him first with more than 1.8 million votes. According to Duterte, his victory is not only for Cebu but also for the Filipino people as a whole.

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