Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Endorsed by the Powerful Ortega Clan of La Union

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte conquers the so-called solid north of the Philippines and as part of his show of force, a member of the powerful Ortega clan of La Union admitted on Tuesday that he is willing to help the campaign of social media’s most popular candidate, Mayor Duterte by funding his political ads.

Duterte La Union

According to Jose Maria “Pepe” Ortega, the brother of Governor Manuel Ortega of La Union and Mayor Pablo Ortega of San Fernando City, La Union, he is willing to support the presidential run of Mayor Duterte.

The La Union’s most dominant political clan, the Ortega clan through La Union Board Member Pepe Ortega said that he decided to support the Davao City mayor after being impressed with Duterte’s speech as well as the latter’s pronouncement that he lacks funds for his campaign ads.

Pepe Ortega is a candidate for Vice Mayor as a member of the Liberal Party also revealed to the media that he will definitely backed the vice presidential bid of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Although the powerful member of the Ortega clan promised to help Mayor Duterte, there’s also a conflict on his statement as he stated that he is still supporting Mar Roxas.

The Province of La Union is part of the so-called Solid North, which is considered as a bailiwick of the Marcos Family and they intends to vote straight for their chosen candidates.

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