Would Be Victim Outsmarts Robber with Fast Response

There is no safest place today. Even in your homes, your safety is at risk. So it is better if you are alert every time, wherever you are.  Knowing the best things that could help you avoid any avoid incidents.

When you drive a public utility vehicle, you would not know that thieves are also among the passengers watching every move you make and finding a perfect timing to make you the good victim. And even when you are about to enter your home.

This lady was about to open the gate when she noticed one member of the riding in tandem hurriedly took off the bike and ran towards her.

By then she knew there is something wrong with the way the man move and think. Anticipating the man would rob her bags, she suddenly took the least she could do that time.


The lady then hurriedly pass off her bags into the other side of the fence. The robber found an unlucky day, with no chance to get the back off the gate. The robber then ran off the scene.

While it is better to be familiar of the things to do when certain things happen, safety should also be considered first.

*Jason Starkes Video

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