San Miguel Corp. Revives Telecom Venture to Compete Against Smart & Globe

One of the country’s leading conglomerates, San Miguel Corporation is now preparing to revive their flagging telecom venture as they set to compete against the two largest telecom networks in the country, Smart Communications and Globe. The launching of the telecom projects will be in the year 2016.

San Miguel Ramon Ang

According to some sources, a British executive, David Jonathan Blake who previously worked from Maldives as the chief financial officer of the island-nation’s pioneering telecom company until his recruitment with San Miguel to become the chief financial adviser of their telecom venture.

Aside from the British executive, an Australian telecom consultant was also brought in from Sydney to revive the stalled network roll-out program for San Miguel’s wi-Tribe internet venture with its Qatari partner.

According to San Miguel President Ramon S. Ang, unlike the stalled wi-Tribe roll-out at the start of the decade, had already integrated the infrastructure within Metro Manila, Calabarzon and key provincial cities to create a credible third alternative to the two dominant players Globe and Smart.

In an interview with the business media, the SMC president assured that when San Miguel will switch their mobile broadband, everybody will be happy because costumers will have no problem anymore, alluding to network congestion and poor signals besetting both Globe and Smart.

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