Vice Ganda Denies Rumored Rift with Kris Aquino

Phenomenal comedian and box office king Vice Ganda denies rumored rift with one of his closest friend Kris Aquino. The rumored “war” between Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino started when the comedian was having a series of shows in the United States. On recent interview with entertainment website,, Vice Ganda denied the controversy.

Kris Aquino Vice Ganda

According to some netizens, the alleged “rift” between Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino started because of a blog and signature shirts that was supposed to be an idea of Vice Ganda but Kris Aquino made it first.

The 37-year-old Vice Ganda is now in the Philippines and denies the issue against Kris Aquino. In an interview with with Pep, Vice Ganda was quoted as saying “Alam mo, hindi namin alam kung kaninong addict nanggaling ‘yan.”

According to Vice Ganda he has no idea, why he and Kris Aquino were involved in an issue like that, and noted that whatever the intentions of those people making stories with him and his friend Kris Aquino.

Vice Ganda also stated that they were old enough to fight for an issue like a T-shirt, he even worried on Kris Aquino’s condition after his family particularly Bimby Yap was involved in a minor accident.

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