This Cute Dog Won’t Fail To Entertain You With His Tricks. He’s Really Amazing!

Animals don’t really fails to entertain humans especially their owners. This is also one of the reasons why humans love to make them as a pet. One specific example is a pet dog. Indeed, they are called as man’s best friend.

I think it’s because of the fact that though they can’t speak, they can still able to entertain and give fun to their owner. In their simple actions and simple ways, they are already making their owner very happy.

Like Jiff. He is the fastest dog to run on front paws and on hind legs. With his talent, he seizes two spots on Guinness World Records. He done this the running 32 feet (10 meters) on his hind legs in 6.56 seconds and 16 feet (5 meters on his front paws in 7.76 seconds. He now set the record with just 10 seconds on doing both.

According to his owner, he is actually practicing on running using his front and hind legs daily. He also bows, doing shake hands and did skateboards.

Based on the given explanation, you would really come to think that this dog is really amazing. Watch his video.

Even before he was acknowledge by Guinness, Jiff already had become an internet sensation. He even starred in Katy Perry’s music video.

As you can see in the video, he just simply walks from one side to the other side of the place. In his every pass, different tricks are used by the said dog. Seems that he is really making people happy and proud of him.

Also, seems that this dog is already used on cameras and he really did his best while he is performing in front of it.

Well, Jiff is really deserving for the record.

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