Ara Arida Top 10 Finalist in Miss Universe 2013 Coronation Night

Ariella Arida once made it to the Top 10 Finalist of the Miss Universe 2013 as announced by the Miss Universe Organization. The 24-year-old Ara Arida was called second among the Top 10 finalist unlike the previous top 16 wherein she was called last.

The Philippines and India are the only Asians included in the elite list of Top 10 Finalists.

Here’s the Complete List of the Top 10 Finalists in the Miss Universe 2013:

1. Spain: Patricia Yurena Rodriguez
2. Philippines: Ariella Arida
3. Great Britain: Amy Willerton
4. India: Manasi Moghe
5. Brazil: Jakelyne Oliveira
6. USA: Erin Brady
7. Ukraine: Olga Storozhenko
8. Ecuador: Constanza Baez
9. Venezuela: Gabriela Isler
10. Dominican Republic: Yaritza Reyes

The Miss Universe 2013 Finals Night was held at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia. The Miss Universe Coronation Night was hosted by Thomas Roberts of “MSNBC LIVE” and Mel B of “America’s Got Talent.”

Here’s the previous Top 16:

1. Costa Rica Fabiana Granados
2. Ukraine Olga Storozhenko
3. China Jin Ye
4. Ecuador Constanza Baez
5. Great Britain Amy Willerton
6. Indonesia Whulandary
7. Venezuela Gabriela Isler
8. Dominican Republic Yaritza Reyes
9. Puerto Rico Monic Perez
10. Spain Patricia Yurena Rodriguez
11. USA Erin Brady
12. Nicaragua Nast(–foul word(s) removed–)ja Bolivar
13. Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht
14. India Manasi Moghe
15. Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira
16. Philippines Ariella Arida

Top 10

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