Supreme Court Lifted “5-Strike Rule” in Bar Examinations

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has lifted the “5-strike rule” in the Bar Examinations, the scrapping of the rule will take effect this coming 2014 Bar Examination.

The lifting of the “5-strike-role” will pave the way for aspiring lawyers to keep trying to hurdle the rigorous exams until they succeed, even beyond five tries.

The above-mentioned rule, was first implemented in 2005. The rule states that aspiring lawyers who took and failed in the Bar Examinations five times will no longer be allowed a sixth try.

Meanwhile the Bar Examinations for the year 2013 are scheduled on four Sundays of October at the University of Santo Tomas. The chairman of this year’s Bar Exam is (–foul word(s) removed–)ociate Justice Arturo Brion.

 Supreme Court of the Philippines

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