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October 2012 Civil Service Exam Passers Advisory

According to the announcement of the Civil Service Commission the Certificated of Eligibility (C0E) obtained for passing the Career Service Examination-Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) can be secured through the CSC Regional Office (CSCRO) which has the jurisdiction over the test centers.

The Directory is listed at the official website of the Civil Service Commission through the links provided below:


Kindly inquire from the CSCRO concerned the date and the manner by which you can claim your CoE.

As a clarification for our previous post regarding the October CSC Exam Results, our readers were advised to follow the links on their respective regions. You will be redirected to the download page of the PDF file being uploaded on our servers. Just click the hyperlink (Letters with blue underlined colors) so you can view the results in PDF format.

For those who don’t understand on how to access the file here’s our Regional Files: All Files were hosted by CSC, if the site will receive heavy traffic the files will not load.

Civil Service Professional Exam Results October 2012:

CSC Professional – Region 1
CSC Professional – Region 2
CSC Professional – Region 3
CSC Professional – Region 4
CSC Professional – Region 5
CSC Professional – Region 6
CSC Professional – Region 7
CSC Professional – Region 8
CSC Professional – Region 9
CSC Professional – Region 10
CSC Professional – Region 11
CSC Professional – Region 12
CSC Professional – NCR 
CSC Professional – CAR 
CSC Professional – CARAGA
CSC Professional – ARMM

Civil Service Sub Professional Exam Results October 2012:

CSC Sub-Prof – Region 1
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 2
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 3
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 4
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 5
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 6
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 7
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 8
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 9
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 10
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 11
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 12
CSC Sub-Prof – NCR
CSC Sub-Prof – CAR
CSC Sub-Prof – ARMM

 Civil Service Exam Passers

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