Xyriel Manabat Reveals Her Boyfriend’s Bond With Her Co-Stars

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Xyriel Manabat talked about her relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend Kapamilya young actress Xyriel Manabat revealed that her non-showbiz boyfriend Nathaniel Toleda became close to her Senior High co-stars. Xyriel started her career in the entertainment industry and she chose to have showbiz hiatus to focus on her personal life. When she decided to make … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Never Let Fame Go to Her Head

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Xyriel Manabat Admired By Netizens For Her Down-to-earth Attitude XYRIEL MANABAT – Actress Xyriel Manabat has never let fame get in her head since she was young. Renowned for her exceptional talent, Xyriel Manabat gained recognition through her endearing portrayals in May Bukas Pa (2009), Agua Bendita (2010), Momay (2010), and 100 Days To Heaven … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Admits She Underwent Nose Job: “Bat ko idedeny”

Xyriel Manabat Reveals She Underwent Nose Job Young actress Xyriel Manabat admitted that she underwent a nose job after stunning netizens with her new looks. Xyriel Manabat, a young actress, took to social media to show images of herself after getting nose surgery. Manabat acknowledged to getting a nose job in the comments section of … Read more

PHOTOS: Xyriel Manabat Finally Introduces Her Boyfriend To The Public

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Meet Xyriel Manabat ‘Pogiest Boyfriend’ XYRIEL MANABAT – Kapamilya star Xyriel Manabat finally revealed her boyfriend in a social media post. Xyriel Anne Bustamante Manabat was first recognized in the world of showbiz when she joined ABS-CBN’s talent contest Star Circle Quest: Search for the Next Kiddie Idol in the year 2009. She won 3rd … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Responds To Netizen Who Commented About Her “Kili-kili”

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Here’s Xyriel Manabat’s Reply To Netizen Who Commented About Her Armpit XYRIEL MANABAT – ‘Dirty Linen‘ Xyriel Manabat couldn’t help but clap back at a netizen who commented about her “kili-kili.” Xyriel Manabat is one of the most exceptional and promising actors of her generation. She first captured our attention with her cuteness and compelling … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Shows Off Amazing Body From Sizzling Photoshoot

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Xyriel Manabat’s Transformation From Child Star To Hot Babe XYRIEL MANABAT – Kapamilya actress Xyriel Manabat proudly displayed her amazing body in a sizzling photoshoot. One of the most exceptional and promising actors of her generation is Xyriel Manabat. She first enchanted us with her cuteness and compelling portrayals of her child characters in May … Read more