Xyriel Manabat Reveals What Happened To Her Dermal Piercing

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Xyriel Manabat talked about her unique piercing Kapamilya actress Xyriel Manabat went viral when she shared photos of her showcasing her dermal piercing, however, something bad happened. Piercing is a trend nowadays and many celebrities are having several piercings on their ears. However, there are instances that piercing is directly done on the skin and … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Has This Reason For Her Showbiz Hiatus

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Xyriel Manabat chose to take a break from showbiz for a certain period of time Kapamilya actress Xyriel Manabat shared the reason for her showbiz hiatus during the time when her career from being a child was rising. The cute young Xyriel starred in big Kapamilya projects such as May Bukas Pa, Agua Bendita, and 100 Days … Read more

VIDEOS: Xyriel Manabat ‘Dirty Linen’ Trending Scenes As Tonet

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Xyriel’s ‘Dirty Linen’ Scene is Trending XYRIEL MANABAT – The performance of multi-awarded actress Xyriel Manabat can certainly keep up with the more seasoned actors. Xyriel Manabat, best known for her roles as the sharp-tongued Madam Anna in “100 Days to Heaven” and the titular twins in “Agua Bendita,” is poised to make another memorable … Read more

TikToker to Dirty Linen Photoshoot “Bakit hindi niyo binigyan ng upuan si Xyriel”

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TikToker Reacts to Dirty Linen Photo After Noticing Xyriel Manabat Without Chair A TikToker expresses his hilarious reaction to the photo of teleserye ‘Dirty Linen’; “Bakit hindi niyo binigyan ng upuan si Xyriel” A Philippine drama series entitled Dirty Linen is now showing on Kapamilya Channel. It is directed by Onat Diaz and Andoy Ranay … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Opens Up About Her Return To Acting

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What Convinces Xyriel Manabat To Return To Acting? XYRIEL MANABAT – Former child star Xyriel Manabat opened up about her return to acting after years of hiatus. Xyriel Manabat’s role as Antonette Pavia is one of the most anticipated characters in the new Kapamilya series ‘Dirty Linen.’ No regrets if the former child actress describes … Read more

Xyriel Manabat Piercing Catches Attention Online, Here’s Price

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Here’s how much the dermal piercing Xyriel Manabat cost her XYRIEL MANABAT – Former child actress Xyriel Manabat achieves her “naudlot December 2021 bucket list” and here’s the price. Former child star Xyriel Manabat proudly shows off her new body modification in her social media post. It’s her “naudlot December 2021 bucket list”. She went through … Read more