Antonette Gail Greets Whamos Cruz Happy Birthday in a Billboard

Antonette Gail Gifts Partner Whamos Cruz with a Billboard Greeting in His Birthday Social media personality Antonette Gail Del Rosario gifts her partner Whamos Cruz with a greeting on a billboard in his birthday. Antonette Gail Del Rosario, a social media celebrity, went all out to celebrate her lover Whamos Cruz’s 26th birthday. Antonette created … Read more

Whamos Cruz Sold His PHP3 Million Artista Van To AwitGamer

Whamos Cruz, AwitGamer, Artista Van

AwitGamer Buys Whamos’s Artista Van for PHP3 Million WHAMOS CRUZ – Social media star Whamos Cruz sold his luxurious van to influencer AwitGamer for P3 million. Whamos Cruz is one of the famous YouTube vloggers and content creators in the Philippines. He has garnered a considerable fan base thanks to his entertaining and amusing videos … Read more

Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail Shares “Bigating” List Of Meteor’s Godparents

Whamos Cruz

These are the “bigating” godparents of Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail’s baby Meteor. WHAMOS CRUZ – Baby Meteor of Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail is getting baptized soon and these are his godparents. Just this year, famous content creators Kim Whamos Cruz and his partner Antonette Gail del Rosario welcomed their first child, Adriel Meteor or Baby Meteor. Whamos has over … Read more

Whamos, Antonette Slams People Spreading Fake News About Them

Whamos, Antonette Called Out People Spreading Fake News About Them Social media personality Whamos Cruz and partner Antonette Gail slammed people who are spreading fake news about them. The social media couple addresses the vloggers and video creators who create content about them on Facebook.  Some of those people, according to the couple, propagate bogus … Read more

Antonette Gail’s Nose Has Improved After Surgery

Antonette Gail del Rosario 2

This Is How Antonette Gail Feels About Her Nose Job ANTONETTE GAIL – Following surgery, Antonette Gail’s nose has improved, and the stitches have been removed. Antonette Gail Del Rosario is the fiancé of vlogger Whamos Cruz. They have a son named Meteor Isaiah. Gail recently revealed having a nose job on social media. She … Read more

Antonette Gail on Critisms of Her Nose Job: “Katawan ko to!”

Antonette Gail Reacts to Bashers Criticizing Her Nose Job Social media personality Antonette Gail Del Rosario hits back at bashers who keep criticizing her decision to do a nose job. Antonette Cruz, the wife of social media celebrity Whamos Cruz, addressed the criticism she received after electing to fix her nose. Antonette previously described the … Read more

Antonette Gail Undergoes Nose Surgery After Injured in Lampshade

Antonette Gail Undergoes Surgery After Nose Got Injured in a Lampshade Social media personality Antonette Gail undergoes surgery for her nose after getting injured when she bumps into a lampshade. Antonette Gail Del Rosario, Whamos Cruz’s fiancée, confessed on social media that she had nose surgery. According to Antonette, the surgery on her nose was … Read more

VIDEO: Whamos Cruz Donate School Supplies To 3000 Students

Whamos Cruz, Antonette Gail Del Rosario 3

Whamos Cruz & Antonette Gail Del Rosario Helps W/ School Supplies For 3K Students WHAMOS CRUZ – Celebrity couple Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail Del Rosario donated school supplies to 3000 students. Whamos Cruz, a well-known YouTube vlogger and content creator, has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of his humorous and engaging … Read more