Hidilyn Diaz Spends 32nd Birthday Teaching Orphans Weightlifting

Hidilyn Diaz 2

Teaching Orphans How to Lift Weights Is How Hidilyn Diaz Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday HIDILYN DIAZ – Olympic Gold Medalist and Philippine Air Force Staff Sergeant Hidilyn Diaz-Naranjo celebrated her 32nd birthday teaching orphans weightlifting. Hidilyn set an Olympic weightlifting record by lifting 127 kg in the Clean and Jerk and a total of 224 … Read more

Hidilyn Diaz Is Ready To Face Another Filipino Weightlifter

Hidilyn Diaz & Elreen Ando 3

Hidilyn Diaz & Elreen Ando Going Toe-to-toe HIDILYN DIAZ – Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz is committed to competing in the women’s 59-kilogram division at the 2024 Paris Olympics, even if it means competing against rising star Elreen Ando for the chance to represent the country. In July 2021, Hidilyn became the first Filipino to … Read more

Hidilyn Diaz to Back Out from 2024 Paris Olympics? Here’s Why

Hidilyn Diaz Fears to Back Out from Paris Olympics 2024 Due to This Reason Weightlifting gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz is in fear to back out from the Paris Olympics in 2024 due to the new rules of the game. Hidilyn’s chances of winning a gold medal at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris appear to … Read more

Julius Naranjo Sweet Letter For Hidilyn Diaz For 5th Anniversary

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Read Julius Naranjo Sweet Letter For Wife Hidilyn Diaz Here JULIUS NARANJO – Guamanian weightlifter and coach Julius Naranjo penned a sweet letter for his wife Hidilyn Diaz for their fifth anniversary. One year after Hidilyn Diaz won the first weightlifting Olympic gold medal for the Philippines, she and Julius Naranjo tied the knot in … Read more

Hidilyn Diaz Wedding & Her Francis Libiran Wedding Gown Details

Hidilyn Diaz Wedding

Here are some details about the wedding gown of Hidilyn Diaz designed by Francis Libiran. HIDILYN DIAZ – These are the awesome details of the beautiful wedding gown created by Francis Libiran for Hidilyn Diaz. Weightlifters Hidilyn Diaz and Julius Naranjo are now married. They got married on the date exactly one year after Diaz … Read more

Hidilyn Diaz Receives Prenup Agreement From Julius, Here’s Why

Hidilyn Diaz and Julius Naranjo

This is why Julius Narano offered to have a prenup agreement with Hidilyn Diaz, an Olympic gold medalist. HIDILYN DIAZ – Olympics gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz receives a prenup agreement offer from her future husband and this is the reason. The wedding of Coach Julius Naranjo and Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz will happen on the … Read more

Hidilyn Diaz Reveals Marian Rivera’s Attitude Behind The Cam

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Hidilyn Diaz Post About Her Encounter W/ Marian Rivera HIDILYN DIAZ – Pinay champ Hidilyn Diaz was surprised by Marian Rivera’s attitude behind the camera. In July 2021, Hidilyn Diaz made history as the first Filipino to win a gold medal in the Olympics after she successfully lifted 127 kg in the clean and jerk … Read more

VIDEO: Hidilyn Diaz Wins Second Gold Medal In 2022 SEA Games

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Hidilyn Diaz Bags Gold in 2022 SEA Games HIDILYN DIAZ – Filipina weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz dominated the 55kg competition of the 2022 SEA Games for her second straight gold. Hidilyn Diaz is the Philippines’ first Olympic gold medalist. She is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend and coach Julius Naranjo. The weightlifter received a brand-new … Read more

Hidilyn Diaz Engagement Ring, This Is How Much It Approximately Costs

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This is the estimated value of the engagement ring of Hidilyn Diaz that is weight-lifting inspired. HIDILYN DIAZ – Weightlifting champion Hidilyn Diaz receives a weightlifting-inspired engagement ring from her boyfriend and here’s the approximate price. After bagging the gold medal in the Olympics for weightlifting, the first for the country, Hidilyn Diaz gets another … Read more