Paul Soriano-Vanessa Hudgens Interview Issue: PR Reveals What Happened

paul soriano vanessa hudgens

Did Paul Soriano “nagwala” during Vanessa Hudgens’s interview? Director Paul Soriano, who is also the Presidential Adviser on Creative Communications, allegedly started a commotion during the press conference for Hollywood star Vanessa Hudges and this is what the Public Relations head in-charged of the event said about this. The filmmaker’s production company TEN17P was the … Read more

Maja Salvador Reveals 3 Reasons Why She Accepted ‘Arisaka’

maja salvador

Maja Salvador talked about her new action film Award-winning actress Maja Salvador revealed the reason why she said “yes” when the action movie Arisaka was offered to her. Maja is known as one of the prime drama actresses of her generation and she has proven this through her soap operas. Now, she also tapped her … Read more

Maja Salvador To Star In Upcoming Movie ‘Arisaka’

maja salvador new movie

Maja Salvador has a new movie Actress-dancer Maja Salvador is set to star in the upcoming film of director Mikhail Red titled Arisaka. After two years since her film To Love Some Buddy, Maja will have her return on the big screen. This will be the first time for the actress to work with Direk … Read more