Paul Soriano-Vanessa Hudgens Interview Issue: PR Reveals What Happened

Did Paul Soriano “nagwala” during Vanessa Hudgens’s interview?

Director Paul Soriano, who is also the Presidential Adviser on Creative Communications, allegedly started a commotion during the press conference for Hollywood star Vanessa Hudges and this is what the Public Relations head in-charged of the event said about this.

The filmmaker’s production company TEN17P was the one who produced the documentary film that Vanessa shot last month. Through this, Direk Paul is aiming to promote the tourism industry in the Philippines.

However, negative writeups were released about the said presscon. It was alleged that the director got angry at the press and forced the one-on-one interview to be stopped.

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Amid this issue, Paul Soriano remained silent despite several tries being made to reach out to him. Based on the article in PEP, founder and lead publicist of PUBLICITYASIA Joyce Ramirez has finally spoken about the incident.

Ramirez said that she was the one mediating the deal between Vanessa Hudgens’s US Team and Direk Paul’s TEN17P. Prior to the start of the project, everything that the Hollywood star will do were already stated in the contract.

Her US Team knew that there were 90 minutes allotted for the one-on-one interview with the invited press people aside from the 30-minute interview with King of Talk Boy Abunda.

When asked if Direk Paul ordered to cut the one-on-one interview, Ramirez explained that in a project, there are really unexpected situations. Since TEN17P is the producer, Ramirez gave in to Direk Paul when he wanted to terminate the one-on-one interview.

Hindi na po ako kumontra dahil ito po ay film set niya. Siya po ang Director at Executive Producer. I did not want to overstep my boundaries. It was the Director’s call to make and not mine. His money, his decision,” the PR head said, adding that it was the filmmaker and his company who paid for the whole event.

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Then, Ramirez was asked about the rumored nasty words that Direk Paul said against the press. However, she refused to make a comment on this.

On the other hand, the PR head admitted that there was an argument that happened between her and Direk Paul Soriano. “Normal lang po sa kahit anong proyekto ang mga argumento. Mahigit sa dalawang dekada na po akong exposed at trained sa Hollywood or US protocol,” she said.

Ramirez also shared that Vanessa’s US Team was aware that the 90-minute one-on-one interview was canceled and they understand why that happened. The PR head said that they sent apology letters to the invited press people and everyone accepted their apology, except for one. She added that they are trying their best to “request a follow-up interview with Vanessa via her US team.”

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