Police Arrests 3 Suspects Involved in Parcel-Snatching Scheme

Parcel-Snatching Scheme

The police authorities arrest three suspects who were allegedly involved in a parcel-snatching scheme in Quezon City. One of the suspects placed an order for perfume and planned the delivery. When the rider arrived, the suspect was apparently on the phone, snatched the parcel, and declared a holdup.

3 Individuals Arrested in QC for ‘Agaw-Parcel’ Modus

‘Agaw-Parcel’ Modus

3 Individuals in Quezon City Apprehended for Parcel-Snatching Scheme Three individuals were arrested in Quezon City for their alleged involvement in a parcel-snatching scheme, targeting unsuspecting delivery riders. The suspects are accused of conspiring a crime wherein they pose as customers, order items, and then forcibly take the parcels upon delivery. According to the police, … Read more

2 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Arrested in Pasay City

Dura-Dura Gang

Police Authorities Arrest 2 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Two alleged members of the notorious “Dura-Dura” gang, were arrested after victimizing commuters on passenger buses in Pasay City. According to the report from Pasay City Police Station Substation 1 Commander PCpt. Criz Antonio Cataluña, the group’s modus operandi involved using “dura” (Spit), to distract and then … Read more

2 Individuals Arrested in Tondo for Allegedly Selling Fake PWD IDs

Fake PWD IDs

Authorities Arrest 2 Individuals for Allegedly Selling Fake PWD IDs in Tondo, Manila Two individuals were arrested in Tondo, Manila for allegedly producing and selling fake Persons With Disability (PWD) IDs. The two suspects were identified as Ralph Lawrence Noblada and Liezel Lopez. They were apprehended through an entrapment operation conducted by the Manila Police … Read more

2 Suspects Arrested in Convenience Store Robbery in Cainta, Rizal


Police Arrests 2 Suspects in Convenience Store Robbery ROBBERY INCIDENT – The police authorities arrested two suspects in a convenience store robbery in Cainta, Rizal. In a commendable display of swift action, authorities have apprehended two individuals allegedly involved in a daring robbery at a convenience store in Cainta, Rizal. The incident, captured on CCTV … Read more

Guy Fled & Abandoned Girlfriend During Holdup Incident

Holdup Incident

Video of Guy Who Run Away & Left His Girlfriend During Holdup Incident Elicits Reactions Online The video footage of a tall, white guy who quickly fled and abandoned his girlfriend during a holdup incident earns criticisms online. Imagine going about your daily routine, whether it’s running errands, going to work, or simply walking down … Read more