Lacson-Sotto Team Drops Gatchalian, Bautista for Attending Marcos Rally

Gatchalian, Bautista Removed from Lacson-Sotto Slate for Attending Marcos Rally Win Gatchalian and Herbert Bautista were removed from the Lacson-Sotto tandem senatorial slate after they allegedly attended the Marcos-Duterte proclamation rally. Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, a presidential candidate, has stated that Senator Sherwin Gatchalian and former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Baustista had been ousted from … Read more

Roque Has “Grudge” to A Prexy Aspirant for Not Including Him in Slate

Roque Reveals He Has Grudge to a Prexy Aspirant for Rejecting Him Former presidential spokesperson Harry Roque revealed the has a “grudge” against a prexy aspirant for rejecting him for its senatorial slate. The Senatorial candidate confessed in an interview with One PH that he had a grievance towards a presidential contender because he was … Read more