Kinder Learner Eats “Asin” as Ulam at School

Kinder Learner Earns Sympathy Online For Eating “Asin” as Ulam at School

A kinder learner eating ‘asin’ as ulam at school goes viral online and elicits reactions from internet users.

A Facebook user named SO NO RA has shared photos of a poor kinder learner who is eating rice with ‘asin’ as ulam during lunchtime in school. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that the little one was eating rice with only salt as his viand. The young boy is allegedly hiding his lunch from his classmates because he was afraid that he might discover his ‘ulam’.

Kinder Learner

According to the uploader, one of his classmates even shouts “Hala asin ang ulam niya”, which causes embarrassment. She is hoping that the kid will be successful someday after enduring hardships in life.

The heartbreaking photos immediately spread like a wildfire online and caught the attention of the netizens. Kind-hearted people have started relief goods and cash donations for the poor boy.

The lady netizen together with her colleagues carried the goods and donations to the kid’s home. The donation of blessings brings joy to the boy’s family who barely eats good food due to poverty.

Kinder Learner

The family has also expressed their gratitude towards the kind-hearted and generous people who lend their helping hands to them.

The story only shows that there are still Filipino children who were living on the brink of poverty and can barely eat properly.

Kinder Learner Kinder Learner Kinder Learner Kinder Learner

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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