Ryssi Avila Baby Reveal, Introduces Son To The Public

Ryssi Avila

‘Idol PH’ runner-up Ryssi Avila introduces baby boy. RYSSI AVILA – “Idol Philippines Season 2” runner-up Ryssi Avila is now a mother and here’s her video with her son. A runner-up during the “Idol Philippines: Season 2” Ryssi Avila surprised her fans with great news. She recently revealed that she is now a mother of … Read more

Concon Felix Shares Pics After Getting Breasts Removed Last Year

Concon Felix

Concon Felix Reveals Reaction After Breast Removal Surgery CONCON FELIX – That’s My Tomboy grand finalist Concon Felix his reaction after his breast removal surgery. Concon Victoria Felix rose to fame when he joined “It’s Showtime” segment “That’s My Tomboy.” After that, he became part of an all-lesbian group called Shevoyz which has been featured … Read more

Idol Philippines Top 20 – Meet The Top 20 Hopefuls Of The Show

Idol Philippines Top 20

Here are the names included in Idol Philippines Top 20. Check them out below! IDOL PHILIPPINES TOP 20 – The second season of the reality show Idol Philippines has finally released the names of the top 20 contestants. Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, Parokya Ni Edgar lead vocalist Chito Miranda, and … Read more

Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee Meet Again After Issues, This Is What Happened

Zeinab Harake

This is what happened when Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee met again. ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous vlogger Zeinab Harake meets her ex-boyfriend musician Skusta Clee again in her latest vlog and people have this reactions. Previously, issues about Zeinab Harake and ex-boyfriend Skusta Clee after their involvement when their fellow internet stars Concon Felix and … Read more

Ryssi Avila Shows Tattoos, Netizen Reacts “I love the tattoo but not you”

Ryssi Avila

Netizens React After Ryssi Avila Shows Her Tattoos The social media personality Ryssi Avila showed her tattoos on social media, a certain netizen reacts “I love the tattoo but not you”. Ryssi Avila becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after breaking up with her former partner Concon Felix. The female celebrity elicits comments … Read more

Controversial Photo of Skusta Clee & Ryssi Avila ‘Almost Kissed’ After Claiming “Friends Only”

Controversial Photo

Skusta Clee & Ryssi Avila ‘Almost Kissed’ Despite Claim They Were Just “Friends” The controversial photo of Skusta Clee and Ryssi Avila who almost kissed after claiming they were just friends and collaborated to make a song. Previously, Ryssi Avila becomes one of the most controversial topics online after breaking up with her partner Concon … Read more

Concon Felix’s “Nakabuntis Ako” Video, Netizen Comments Women Can Produce “Semen”

Concon Felix’s

Netizen Commented Women Can Produce “Semen” on Concon Felix’s “Nakabuntis Ako” Video CONCON FELIX – A certain netizen commented on Concon Felix’s “Nakabuntis Ako” video and proves women can produce semen. Over the past few days, the YouTube star Concon Victoria Felix has been one of the most controversial topics on social media after her … Read more