Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee Meet Again After Issues, This Is What Happened

This is what happened when Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee met again.

ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous vlogger Zeinab Harake meets her ex-boyfriend musician Skusta Clee again in her latest vlog and people have this reactions.

Previously, issues about Zeinab Harake and ex-boyfriend Skusta Clee after their involvement when their fellow internet stars Concon Felix and Ryssi Avila broke up circulated online. Concon went to Zeinab while Ryssi lived in Skusta’s place. What made a loud buzz online as well was when Ryssi wore the pajama of Zeinab left in his place.


Their relationship wasn’t good then and people saw how toxic they were to each other. Skusta kept on cheating on her while Zeinab, for a couple of times, accepted him. And in the latest vlog of Zeinab, Skusta was the surprise guest she didn’t expected. They paid this certain place for their content while Skusta was the unknown person who scares them.

The presence of her ex-boyfriend was all her sister’s plan and Zeinab’s reaction upon seeing him in that place is something that caught people’s attention. Accordingly, her smile was different and the way he hugged her in return, to the netizens, looked like he put all his emotions there.


Team Zebby and Zeinabe were shocked to see him behind the scary mask in the video. People online speculated that they got together and some didn’t like the idea of it because they have witnessed what Zeinab has gone through while being in a relationship with him.

Check out the mixed comments below:

That’s not healthy anymore, i hope zeinab will be smarter this time.

I just hope that this is the right decision and she won’t end up getting broken and share her misery to the whole world once again tapos mag sisiraan na naman sila.


Sorry but zeinab and skusta clee back is big NO for me. Sis wake up!


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