Passenger to Jeepney Driver Who Buys Food at Drive-Thru “Talaga namang bida Ang saya talaga netoh!”

Jeepney Driver

Passenger Reacts to Jeepney Driver Who Takes Little Detour at Fast-Food Chain’s Drive-Thru A passenger reacts to the jeepney driver who takes a detour at a fast-food chain’s drive-thru “Talaga namang bida Ang saya talaga netoh!” For many commuters, the daily journey to work or school is often a routine filled with challenges and time … Read more

Senator Reportedly Grabbed Seat on Plane

Lady Senator

Digital Artist Claims Senator Reportedly Grabbed His Seat on Plane A lady senator reportedly grabbed a seat on a plane, according to a dermatologist and digital artist Michael Vince Busa. Busa had booked a business class seat on a Philippine Airlines Flight, expecting a comfortable and smooth journey. However, he was surprised when something unexpected … Read more

Passenger Who Had Entire Flight to Himself in America Goes Viral


Passenger Goes Viral For Being Alone on Flight After 18-Hour Delay A fortunate passenger experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he found himself as the sole passenger on a flight after an 18-hour delay, while the rest of the passengers had already departed for their destinations in America. A video of realtor Phil Stringer, who had … Read more

Passenger Hires Rider & Switches Places During Ride “Inangkas yung joyride para mas mabilis”


Passenger Hires Rider & Switches Places During Ride to Reach Destination Faster A passenger hired a motorcycle taxi rider but switched place during the ride “Inangkas yung joyride para mas mabilis”. A Facebook post by Keith De Guzman has gained popularity, recounting the unusual experience he had on Saturday, June 24, 2023. The post featured … Read more

Taxi Driver Investigated for Allegedly Watching Adult Video While Driving w/ Passenger

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Watching Adult Video While Driving w/ Passenger is Currently Under Investigation A taxi driver in Iloilo City is currently under investigation after allegedly watching an adult video on his cellphone while driving, with a transgender passenger seated beside him. The incident has prompted local authorities and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board-Region … Read more

‘TAO KA PO?’ Lady Commuter Goes Viral Over Booking Mishap

Lady Commuter

Lady Commuter Elicits Reactions Online After Sharing Booking Mishap “TAO KA PO?” – A lady commuter goes viral after sharing a delightful story of her booking mishap with a ride-hailing app. In the age of ride-hailing apps and on-demand services, sometimes even the simplest tasks can lead to unexpected adventures. One netizen, Charity Venus, recently … Read more

Male Passenger Shares Booking Mishap “Akala ko Siargao ang na-book ko, Surigao pala”


Male Passenger Shares Booking Mishap Experience A male passenger has shared his booking mishap on social media reiterating “Akala ko Siargao ang na-book ko, Surigao pala”. Gerald Veri Manuel, a netizen, couldn’t help but express his surprise and disappointment after realizing that he had mistakenly booked the wrong flight. The latter shared that he had … Read more

Gas Station Employee Jailed After Allegedly Touching V-Hire Passenger’s Leg

Gas Station Employee

Alleged Inappropriate Touching Incident: Gas Station Employee Mauled and Denies Accusations A gas station employee has been arrested for allegedly touching the leg of a V-Hire passenger in Cebu City. Cebu City, known for its vibrant energy, was struck by an incident involving a gasoline station employee who stands accused of inappropriately touching a female … Read more