Passenger Accidentally Enters Plane’s Luggage Compartment Due to Severe Turbulence


Male Passenger Accidentally Ends Up in Plane’s Luggage Compartment Due to Severe Turbulence A male passenger accidentally ended up in the luggage compartment of a plane flying from Spain to Uruguay due to strong turbulence. On Monday (July 1, 2024), an Air Europa flight from Madrid to Montevideo, Uruguay encountered severe turbulence. The incident led … Read more

LIMOU-JEEP: Long Traditional Jeepney Goes Viral Online

Long Traditional Jeepney

Long Traditional Jeepney Brings Good Vibes Online LIMOU-JEEP – The amusing video of a traditional jeepney stretching out like a limousine goes viral on social media. A traditional jeepney is a type of public transportation commonly found in the Philippines. These iconic vehicles have become a symbol of Filipino culture and are known for their … Read more

Passenger w/ Snakes in Pants Attempted to Board Plane in US


Authorities Apprehend Passenger w/ Snakes in Pants for Attempting to Board Plane Authorities in the US intercepted a passenger attempting to board a plane with concealed snakes in his pants. Snakes are reptiles that can be found in various parts of the world, from forests and grasslands to deserts and even in some bodies of … Read more

Passenger Expresses Gratitude to Joyride Rider for Prayer & Comfort


Joyride Rider Prays and Comforts Passenger During Ride A passenger recently expressed heartfelt gratitude towards a Joyride rider who offered prayers and comfort during a difficult time. Cielo Austria, a Facebook user, shared her unique experience, after being comforted by a Joyride rider during her darkest hour. The post quickly circulated on social media and … Read more

Vallacar Transit Inc. Summons & Probes Conductor Allegedly Shouting at Passenger Over Fare

Vallacar Transit Inc.

Bus Conductor Who Allegedly Shouts at Female Passenger Asking for Her Change Summoned by Vallacar Transit Inc. Vallacar Transit Inc. summoned and probed a conductor accused of shouting at a passenger who asked for change. Jade Marquez, the media and relations officer of Vallacar Transit Inc., has announced that they have summoned the conductor accused … Read more

Passenger Shares Screenshot of His Flight: “Bakit buong araw ako nasa ere?”  


Male Passenger Goes Viral for Sharing Screenshot of His Flight Duration TRAVEL EXPERIENCE – A male passenger shared a screenshot of his flight in a travel group claiming “Bakit buong araw ako nasa ere?” Different airlines offer various services, seating options, and amenities. Consider factors like budget, flight routes, and customer reviews when selecting the … Read more

Bus Conductor Sacrifices Life to Save Passenger in Tragic Accident

Bus Conductor

Heroic Bus Conductor Dies After Saving Passenger in Tragic Antique Accident A heroic bus conductor sacrificed his life to save a passenger from a tragic accident in Hamtic, Antique. Bus conductors are in charge of collecting fares from passengers. They make sure everyone pays the right amount for their journey. This helps keep things fair … Read more