MMDA Chief Bong Nebrija Slams Traffic Enforcer Extorting Money

MMDA Chief Bong Nebrija Sermon Traffic Enforcer Accused of Extortion The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chief Edison Bong Nebrija scolded the traffic enforcer who was accused of extortion. Nebrija went to the precinct and scolded his personnel after allegedly being caught extorting P300 from a truck driver in Quezon City. According to the previous … Read more

MMDA Enforcer Arrested for “Pangongotong” in Quezon City

MMDA Enforcer

MMDA Enforcer Accused of “Pangongotong” Arrested in Quezon City A traffic enforcer of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) was arrested after being accused of “pangongotong” in Quezon City. The MMDA personnel was detained by the authorities after reportedly extorting money from a truck driver in Quezon City. Lt. Anthony Dacquel, the head of the … Read more

Traffic Violator to MMDA Enforcer “Hoy kilalanin mo hinuhuli mo!”

Traffic Violator

Traffic Violator Lambasts MMDA Enforcer for Apprehending Him “Hoy kilalanin mo hinuhuli mo!” A traffic violator earns negative reactions from the online community after giving distasteful remarks to MMDA enforcer “Hoy kilalanin mo hinuhuli mo!”. The Facebook page “Gadget Addict” has shared the video footage of an intense confrontation between MMDA enforcer and traffic violator. … Read more

Vehicle Driver Argues w/ MMDA Enforcer Apprehending Him Over Alleged Violation

Vehicle Driver

Video of Vehicle Driver Arguing w/ MMDA Enforcer Apprehending Him Over Alleged Violation Elicits Comments Online The video footage of a vehicle driver arguing with an MMDA enforcer apprehending him over allegedly violation elicits comments online. Nowadays, there are some corrupt traffic employees who were extorting money from drivers after accusing them of certain traffic … Read more

MMDA Enforcer Gets Mad After Delivery Rider Apprehends Him for “Counterflowing”

MMDA Enforcer

Video of MMDA Enforcer Who Gets Mad After Apprehended by Delivery for “Counterflowing” Goes Viral A certain MMDA enforcer gets mad after a delivery rider apprehended him for “counterflowing” along the road. Nowadays, the authorities are implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations to prevent road accidents in the country The Facebook page “Nuffsaid Society” has … Read more

MMDA Enforcer Charges Family w/ P500 Due To Candy Wrapper Dropped by Little Girl

MMDA Enforcer

Video of MMDA Enforcer Charging Family w/ P500 Due To Candy Wrapper Goes Viral Online The video footage of MMDA enforcer charging a family with P500 due to a candy wrapper dropped by their daughter goes viral. Nowadays, the Philippine government is already implementing stricter rules and regulations throughout the country to discipline the Filipino … Read more