MMDA Enforcer Sells Foods to Motorists to Earn Extra Money for Family

Video of MMDA Enforcer Selling Foods to Motorists During Rest Day Goes Viral

The video footage of MMDA enforcer selling foods to the motorists along the road to earn extra money for his family goes viral.

The Facebook influencer “GHOST Wrecker” has shared the video footage of his encounter with a MMDA enforcer selling foods along the street. The video goes viral and earns praises from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the MMDA enforcer approached the vlogger and offered him ‘kalamay’ with latik and nuts. The enforcer said that he is selling snacks to earn extra cash for his children.

MMDA Enforcer

The vlogger bought several pieces of the special delicacy and bought everything but returned the goods to the enforcer. He gives cash to the MMDA employee but refused to take the items as help to the hardworking man.

The enforcer explained that he is just selling sweets during his rest day. He also expressed his gratitude towards the kind vlogger for his act of kindness. The latter also decided to give the foods to the less-fortunate people.

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MMDA Enforcer

The video has a caption of:


The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

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