Solon Urges Sara Duterte To Show Some Decency, Resign From DepEd

Solon Calls On Sara Duterte To Show Decency & Step Down From DepEd

SARA DUTERTE – A lawmaker has urged Vice President and Department of Education (DepEd) Sara Duterte to show some decency and step down from DepEd.

A lawmaker has called on Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte to step down from her role leading the Department of Education (DepEd). Based on a report from Inquirer, Manila 3rd District Representative Joel Chua emphasized the need for accountability from VP Sara and the Duterte family, stating that it’s time for action.

Chua’s statement, issued on Friday, highlighted the contradiction of VP Sara remaining in her DepEd position while her family engages in confrontational actions against the President.

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Joel Chua urged Sara Duterte to resign from DepEd, questioning her continued enjoyment of its privileges while her family openly challenged the President.

Chua urged Duterte to make a clear stand instead of attempting to straddle between positions, particularly to her apparent alignment with Marcos.

“The Vice President should show some decency by resigning from her DepEd post at the very least. Her family unleashed a barrage of insults and attacks directly to the President and yet she does nothing and is still enjoying the perks of being part of the official family,” the statement read.

“She cannot have the best of both worlds by being a fence sitter while her family and their allies challenge the authority and mandate of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr while having little to show for in terms of substantive results at the Department of Education, where she is Secretary,” it added.

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Criticism was also directed at Duterte’s silence on issues such as sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea and the effectiveness of DepEd’s educational strategies during the pandemic. Chua described the DepEd’s “catch-up Fridays” as ineffective and raised concerns about the ongoing reliance on modules and online classes.

“Learning deficits from the pandemic are worsened by the continuing resort to modules and online classes which were ineffective during the pandemic and are still ineffective now,” Chua said.

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