Lyca Gairanod Reveals She Has an Open Third Eye

Lyca Gairanod Reveals She Sees Ghost Because of Her Open Third Eye The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 winner Lyca Gairanod reveals that she has been seeing unusual things because of her open third eye. Lyca stated in an interview that she believes she has a third eye. She claims she has been experiencing frightening … Read more

VIDEO: Lyca Gairanod Reveals How She Met Boyfriend Kyle Walle

Lyca Gairanod, Kyle Walle 2

Lyca Gairanod Shares How She Met Her Non-showbiz Boyfriend Kyle Walle LYCA GAIRANOD – Filipino singer and actress Lyca Gairanod revealed how she met her non-showbiz boyfriend Kyle Walle. The Voice Kids” Season 1 grand champion Lyca Gairanod elicited reactions on social media due to her “jowa reveal” during her 18th birthday. She made her … Read more

PHOTOS: Lyca Gairanod Flexes Boyfriend Kyle Walle On Instagram

Lyca Gairanod, Kyle Walle 4

Lyca Gairanod Introduces Her Boyfriend On Instagram LYCA GAIRANOD – Singer Lyca Gairanod took to social media to introduce her boyfriend to the public. Lyca Gairanod is a Filipina singer and actress. She rose to fame after winning the first season of ABS-CBN’s reality singing competition “The Voice Kids Philippines.” Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo served … Read more

Lyca Gairanod “Jowa Reveal” During 18th Birthday Elicits Reactions

Lyca Gairanod Goes Viral Over “Jowa Reveal” During Her 18th Birthday Young singer Lyca Gairanod elicited reactions on social media due to her “jowa reveal” during her 18th birthday. Following her announcement at her debut party, The Voice Kids champion buzzed online. The young singer made her non-showbiz boyfriend public in the vlog of Cagayan-based … Read more

Lyca Gairanod on Dina Bonnevie: “Natakot ako pero…”

lyca gairanod dina bonnevie

Lyca Gairanod shared her experience working with Dina Bonnevie Singer Lyca Gairanod said that after knowing that she will be in a dressing room with seasoned actress Dina Bonnevie, she felt initial “takot.” Lyca is one of the people in showbiz who has a very inspiring story before she became popular. From being a singer, … Read more

Karen & Lyca Birthday: Here’s How They Celebrate Highly Anticipated Birthday

Karen & Lyca birthday 2

Here’s How Karen Davila & Lyca Gairanod Celebrate Their Highly Anticipated Birthday KAREN & LYCA BIRTHDAY – Check out how Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod celebrate their highly anticipated birthday. ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Karen Davila interviewed The Voice Kids Philippines winner Lyca Gairanod for her vlog in August 2021. The singer landed on Twitter Philippine’s list … Read more