Lyca Gairanod Reveals She Has an Open Third Eye

Lyca Gairanod Reveals She Sees Ghost Because of Her Open Third Eye

The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 winner Lyca Gairanod reveals that she has been seeing unusual things because of her open third eye.

Lyca stated in an interview that she believes she has a third eye. She claims she has been experiencing frightening things since she was a child. Lyca can be seen in the horror film “Mary Cherry Chua” as one of those.

Lyca Gairanod Third Eye

Mary Cherry Chua is an urban legend about a schoolgirl who was raped and killed by a school janitor. Meanwhile, Lyca was asked why she agreed to play Mary Cherry Chua in “Mary Cherry Chua” since she sees terrifying things.

She responded by saying she wanted to explore and put her abilities to the test. She stated that she is just terrified in real life, but she can do it in the movie.

“Kasi gusto ko nga po mag-explore. Gusto kong gawin ‘yong mga akala kong hindi ko kayang gawin. ‘Yong parang, ‘Bakit hindi ko i-try?’” said Lyca. “Sa personal lang naman po ‘yon na natatakot ako pero kaya ko naman pala po siyang gawin sa movie,” she added.

Lyca Gairanod, Season 1 grand winner of “The Voice Kids,” drew social media comments due to her “jowa reveal” on her 18th birthday. In Cagayan-based video entrepreneur David Laas’ vlog, she revealed her non-showbiz beau.

Fans of the teenage singer followed her on social media as soon as she revealed her lover. In two photos that she shared in December, she can be seen strolling beside her boyfriend Kyle Walle.

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