LBC Supervisor on Hunt After Stealing Company’s Half-Million Collection

LBC Supervisor to Face Charges for Stealing Company’s Half-Million Collection Police authorities are now looking for the supervisor of the courier company LBC after he allegedly steals the half-million collection of the company. According to the Cavite Police, its officers are on the lookout for the supervisor of an LBC branch in Trece Martires City, … Read more

Hold-upper in LBC Quezon City Killed After an Encounter with Policewoman

Hold-upper Killed After Encounter with Policewoman in LBC Quezon City A hold-upper was killed after he and his accomplice try to rob an LBC outlet in Quezon City but stopped by a civilian policewoman. In a report of Hataw, a hold-upper was killed, one was arrested but two escaped when a civilian policewoman exchanges gunshots … Read more

Pinay OFW Slams LBC Over Alleged “Laslas Balikbayan Box” Incident

Pinay OFW

Pinay OFW Expresses Disappointment Towards LBC Over Alleged “Laslas Balikbayan Box” Incident A disappointed Pinay OFW lambasted LBC over alleged “Laslas Balikbayan Box” incident after some of the items she sent gone missing. A Facebook user named Pinkypie S Montina has shared the photos of her ransacked and damaged balikbayan box. The disturbing incident garnered … Read more

Disappointed Client Slams LBC Over Missing Items on Her Balikbayan Box

Disappointed Client

Disappointed Client LBC After Valuable Items Have Gone From The Balikbayan Box She Sent A disappointed client has expressed her fury and lambasted LBC over her missing valuable items on the balikbayan box she sent. Nowadays, several clients of air freight and air cargo companies were complaining about their missing valuables. Complainants usually blame the … Read more

Filipino Cyclists to Receive Separate Prizes as Ronda Pilipinas International Begins

Ronda Pilipinas Organizers made sure Filipino riders will not go home crying as separate prizes were allotted to the winning cyclists in the coming Ronda Pilipinas International 2014 this February 1. Ronda Pilipinas (Photo: Interaksyon) Ronda Sport’s Development head Moe Chulani said that an amount of P400,000 awaits the local winner of the individual category while another the same prize will also be … Read more