Kim Chiu Shares Thoughts About Giving Second Chances

This is what Kim Chiu said about this matter.

Kapamilya actress-host Kim Chiu was asked about giving second chances and this is her stand about this.

Is it always worth it to give a second chance? Giving someone a second chance would depend on a lot of factors and one of the most important thing is determining who doesn’t deserve it. Now, who are the people who don’t deserve this?

They are those who are repeat offenders, abusive, unapologetic, disrespectful with the boundaries, chronic liars, users, manipulators, not supportive, doesn’t take responsibility, and has no accountability. Many of us wonder how are second chances are given and to whom these are given and actress Kim Chiu recently shares her stand about this.

During the recent episode of the “EXpecially For You” segment of It’s Showtime, the actress-host was asked by her fellow host about second chance. Vhong Navarro asked her, “Diba nilaban mo naman, tapos nawala. Pero pag gusto pang bumalik, papayagan mo pa bang bumalik?”

Kim fearlessly shared her stand about it and for her, “hindi na”. She is accordingly the type of a person who won’t give it another shot. She explained that she doesn’t any reason behind this for in the first place, the person decided to leave.

However, she stressed that it’s a different case. The answer to this question would vary based on the situation, reason, and purpose of why one has to leave and why the other should accept again.

Kim Chiu

“Iba iba naman yan, tsaka kapag andun ka na, hindi mo talaga masasabi. Wala talagang makakapagsabi kung ano ang magiging desisyon mo kapag nandun ka na. Today, iba sagot mo. Kahapon, iba. Baka bukas iba, diba?” she said.

She expressed that when on the actual situation, no one can really become certain. There are things that will affect someone’s stand and factors that can chance the decision.

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