Kim Chiu Also Leaving ABS-CBN? Here’s What She Said About This

Kim Chiu

Is Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu also leaving the ABS-CBN network? KIM CHIU – Kapamilya actress and dancer Kim Chiu speaks about possibility of transferring to other network following ABS-CBN’s shut down. The biggest media network company in the Philippines, ABS-CBN, has failed in its bid to have a franchise renewal. As they try to be granted … Read more

Kim Chiu Message For Bashers After 360 Stranger Statement

Kim Chiu Gives Message For Bashers On Instagram KIM CHIU MESSAGE FOR BASHERS – Following the “bawal lumabas” craze, Kim Chiu successfully capitalized off the memes. She was able to make the song her own, release it, and sell “bawal lumabas merch” for fundraising amidst the COVID-19 crisis. However, after her slightly confusing 360 statement, … Read more

Kim Chiu Bawal Lumabas Video Gets Over 10 Million Views

kim chiu bawal lumabas

10 million views for the Bawal Lumabas video of Kim Chiu Kim Chiu Bawal Lumabas – The Chinita Princess proudly announced that her video for the song that was inspired by her viral statement has gotten over 10 million views across social media platforms. The Kapamilya actress turned lemons into lemonade when she recorded a … Read more