Kim Chiu ‘Bawal Lumabas’ Performance on Wish Bus Became Emotional

Behind the scene: Kim Chiu Bawal Lumabas Wish Bus performance

Kim Chiu Bawal Lumabas – The Chinita Princess became emotional while performing her new son on Wish 107.5 Bus as seen in this behind the scene video.

The Kapamilya star has been a popular topic online due to her viral statement that has become a chant until it was officially recorded as a song titled ‘Bawal Lumabas’.

Self-Proclaimed Vlogger

Kim is indeed happy when her dream to finally perform on the first-ever mobile radio booth came to a realization. Behind the bashing that she received because of her “sa classroom may batas” statement, she was able to rise and made a positive thing out of it.

Her Wish Bus video of Bawal Lumabas already reached millions of views in less than a day. However, Kim Chiu still received negative comments as her video had more dislike than like.

Following the release of her video, the behind the scene video also circulated. It showed that the Chinita Princess became emotional as the camera was rolling. She had to pause once in a while as she was suppressing her tears.

kim chiu bawal lumabas
📷: YouTube

Though the song has an upbeat tune, it can be seen that the Kapamilya star was wiping her tears. Apparently, the lyrics of the song are very striking to her. These were written personally for her and what she had been through due to viral statement.

Several netizens sympathize with her emotions while performing the song while some commended her for being strong.

Here are some of the comments on Kim Chiu Bawal Lumabas performance on Wish Bus.

“sa mga haters lang d maka intindi sa nararamdaman nya.” – Lee Buenaventura

“Respect for kim” – Eigerg Aditua

“We have to train our mind to be stronger than our emotion or else we lose our self every time.” – Jemar Pajes

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