Gillian Vicencio Statement About Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo Resurfaced

gillian vicencio kathryn bernardo daniel padilla

Gillian Vicencio Statement on KathNiel issue Gillian Vicencio Statement – The Star Magic artist had this previous statement about actor Daniel Padilla and actress Kathryn Bernardo and this resurfaced after the KathNiel breakup confirmation. Gillian was entangled in the breakup of two of the most popular stars of this generation. Kathryn and Daniel have been … Read more

Sofia Andres Shares Cryptic Posts Before KathNiel Breakup Confirmation

sofia andrea kathryn bernardo daniel padilla

Netizens decoded these cryptic posts shared by Sofia Andres Actress Sofia Andres shared these cryptic posts and netizens started to decode them and connect to the recently confirmed KathNiel breakup. A story surfaced about the rumored reason why Kathryn Bernardo ended her 11-year relationship with Daniel Padilla. In the story, one of the names that … Read more

Anthony Taberna Jokingly Announces Break From Work After KathNiel Breakup

Anthony Taberna

Pinoy Broadcast Journalist Anthony Taberna to Take Break From Work After KathNiel Breakup? The Pinoy broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna jokingly announced his temporary absence from work after KathNiel breakup. Over the past few months, KathNiel has been one of the most controversial topics online due to their rumored breakup. The issue sparked debates online but … Read more

Gillian Vicencio: Actress Who Is Allegedly Involved In KathNiel Breakup

gillian vicencio

Gillian Vicencio is being dragged into the KathNiel breakup issue Know more about Star Magic artist Gillian Vicencio who is now accused of being the alleged third party in the KathNiel breakup. Weeks after the speculations about the real status of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s relationship, the actress finally confirmed that they are no … Read more

Daniel Padilla-Kathryn Bernardo Breakup Is Due To Gillian Vicencio?

daniel padilla kathryn bernardo gillian vicencio

Rumor has it that Daniel Padilla has a romantic relationship with Gillian Vicencio Star Magic artist Gillian Vicencio was dragged into the breakup issue between celebrities Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. The issue between Daniel and Kathryn has been a hot topic on social media and showbiz circles. There had been several speculations that surfaced … Read more

KathNiel Split: Netizens Push Andrea Brillantes To Speak Up

KathNiel Split

Amid the height of the KathNiel split, people are calling out Andrea Brillantes to address the cheating rumors. KATHNIEL SPLIT – There are rumors online about the involvement of Andrea Brillantes in the split and internet users are calling her out. The eleven years of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla meant so much not just for them … Read more

KathNiel Split: Celebrities React To Heartbreaking News

KathNiel Split

Here are the reactions of other celebrities after the KathNiel split in real life has been confirmed. KATHNIEL SPLIT – Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have confirmed their split and celebrities have these reactions. “It’s true that Deej and I decided to part ways.” It’s the one line that has ended the talks and speculations … Read more

Cristy Fermin Challenges Karla Estrada To Face Her Source

cristy fermin karla estrada daniel padilla kathryn bernardo

Cristy Fermin answered Karla Estrada’s denial Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin challenged Queen Mother Karla Estrada to face her source who said that she confirmed the KathNiel breakup. Cristy has been attacked by KathNiel fans, the supporters of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, after she mentioned on her showbiz talk show that Karla confirmed that … Read more

Xian Gaza Claims KathNiel Breakup Is Confirmed

xian gaza kathniel

Xian Gaza shared a post about the KathNiel tandem Social media personality Xian Gaza claimed that KathNiel, the reel and real-life tandem Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, was already confirmed. These past few weeks, the online community has been talking about the rumored breakup of Kathryn and Daniel. Amid this issue, Andrea Brillantes got involved … Read more

Karla Estrada Says Truth Following Cristy Fermin’s Claims About KathNiel

Karla Estrada

In a post, Karla Estrada denies doing what Cristy Fermin has recently claimed. Immediately after the claims went viral, Karla Estrada took to social media her reaction to the claims made by Cristy Fermin. Celebrity couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are still mum about the breakup rumors which led some people online to create assumptions. This … Read more