Sofia Andres Shares Cryptic Posts Before KathNiel Breakup Confirmation

Netizens decoded these cryptic posts shared by Sofia Andres

Actress Sofia Andres shared these cryptic posts and netizens started to decode them and connect to the recently confirmed KathNiel breakup.

A story surfaced about the rumored reason why Kathryn Bernardo ended her 11-year relationship with Daniel Padilla. In the story, one of the names that surfaced was Sofia’s. It was alleged that Sofia was told by Sue Ramirez about what Gillian Vicencio learned about Daniel’s private part. Gillian was accused as the reason for the breakup.

Sofia is known as one of Kathryn’s close friends. Allegedly, because of this, Kathryn decided to call it quits with Daniel.

Photo Source: @iamsofiaandres IG

Because of the recent confirmation that Kathryn Bernardo had about her breakup with Daniel Padilla, they became a trending topic on social media. One of the trending topics was Sofia Andres’s previous Instagram stories which for netizens have something to do with what happened between Kathryn and Daniel.

Sofia shared a house with a red door and a diamond emoji was placed on it. Then, she shared a meaningful quote: “The worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.”

On X, formerly known as Twitter, netizen @Helsinki691 shared the decoding that he did. “Decoding Sofia Andres IG stories regarding KathNiel break up and the Andrea Brillantes connection. Definitely she knows something given they are one big circle of friends together with their boyfriends/ ex-bf,” the netizen wrote in the caption of his post.

daniel padilla kathryn bernardo
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Based on the netizen’s analysis, the “Spanish house” means the “one-night stand” took place in Spain. The red door, the netizen said, is a reference to the Scarlet Letter which is about a woman who committed adultery and the novel that inspires the movie Easy A, and this could be a highlight of the letter A. Then, the netizen the diamond sticker means “brilyante” in Filipino.

sofia andres post
📷: via @Helsinki691 IG

Then, the netizen guessed that Kathryn shared something with Sofia because they are close friends.

Sofia’s partner Daniel Miranda is close to Daniel Padilla and these two men have talked something about the issue as well. The netizen added that it was inevitable that Daniel M. shared something with Sofia.

📷: via @Helsinki691 IG

In the comment section of the post, netizens shared the decoding they did as well. Some said the red door was a “Palladian Door” designed by architect Andrea Palladio. Initially, it was Andrea Brillantes who was accused of being the third party in the KathNiel breakup.

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