Gillian Vicencio Statement About Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo Resurfaced

Gillian Vicencio Statement on KathNiel issue

Gillian Vicencio Statement – The Star Magic artist had this previous statement about actor Daniel Padilla and actress Kathryn Bernardo and this resurfaced after the KathNiel breakup confirmation.

Gillian was entangled in the breakup of two of the most popular stars of this generation. Kathryn and Daniel have been together for 11 years and KathNiel fans have been supporting their careers from the time they were just loveteam partners until they became a real-life couple.

There had been several instances that Kathryn and Daniel’s relationship was rumored to have ended. However, the recent rumors became intense, and eventually, Kathryn confirmed the breakup.

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Initially, fingers were pointing at Andrea Brillantes as the involved third party. However, after Kathryn’s confirmation, Gillian Vicencio‘s name on social media became a trending topic.

A story surfaced that Kathryn found out that Daniel was cheating on her with Gillian. Apparently, this accusation against the newbie actress has been circulating for months already.

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Three months ago, Gillian guested on the YouTube talk show Marites University. During the interview, the actress was asked about her alleged involvement in the then-rumored KathNiel breakup.

Gillian shared that they are all friends or “magto-tropa” because of their togetherness. She also said she did not know where the rumors linking her to Daniel started. When Gillian was asked to share the negative comments that she received for being linked to Daniel, the actress refused to divulge the messages sent to her.

Gillian also said that she became close to Kathryn because the latter is very approachable and welcoming. “Maalaga po siya sa mga ka-work niya,” the newbie actress said about Kathryn.

As of writing, Daniel Padilla has not spoken yet about the allegations and rumors linking him to Andrea Brillantes and Gillian Vicencio.

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