Anthony Taberna Jokingly Announces Break From Work After KathNiel Breakup

Pinoy Broadcast Journalist Anthony Taberna to Take Break From Work After KathNiel Breakup?

The Pinoy broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna jokingly announced his temporary absence from work after KathNiel breakup.

Over the past few months, KathNiel has been one of the most controversial topics online due to their rumored breakup. The issue sparked debates online but the rumors have been put to rest.

The confirmation of the breakup came through an Instagram post by Kathryn Bernardo, one half of the KathNiel duo. In her post, she confirmed the end of her real-life relationship with Daniel Padilla, breaking the hearts of their fans.

Anthony Taberna

Kathryn explained that their relationship was genuine and not just for showbiz. Both Kathryn and Daniel shared heartfelt messages for each other, leaving a bittersweet feeling among their fans.

Prior to the official confirmation, rumors circulated linking young actress Andrea Brillantes to Daniel Padilla. Ogie Diaz even reported that Andrea and DJ were allegedly seeing each other secretly.

The public is pushing Brillantes to speak up and respond to the issue surrounding her alleged involvement in the KathNiel breakup.

Anthony Taberna

Recently, the Filipino journalist Anthony Taberna jokingly announced on Facebook that he would be taking a break from work, citing difficulty in moving on from KathNiel’s controversial split.

Adding a playful touch to the situation, Taberna jokingly attributed his decision to the difficulty of accepting KathNiel’s breakup. The post circulated online and elicited various reactions from the internet users.

Ka Tunying probably made the post just for fun and to bring good vibes to the netizens amid the sad news.

Earlier, Kathryn Bernardo confirms split with Daniel Padilla

Anthony Taberna

Here is the full post:

Magpapaalam pala ako sayo Gerry Baja . Hindi muna ako makakapasok sa DosPorDos bukas. Hindi ako maka move on sa breakup ng #KathNiel”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Anthony Taberna

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