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Ateneo Kid Bully

Ateneo Kid Bully Finally Explains His Side, As Mom Apologized

Ateneo Bullying Victim

Grade 9 Witness Claims Ateneo Bullying Victim is Also a “Bully”

Jay Sonza’s FB Account Suspended Due To Ateneo Bullying Incident Post

Joey De Leon Shares “Toilet Humor” For Ateneo Bullying Incident

Breaking News: Ateneo de Manila Moves Resumption Of Classes In JHS


Mystica Slams Joseph Otazu, The Challenger of Joaquin Montes’ Father

Macho Man

Macho Man Challenges The Challenger of Joaquin Montes’ Father

Malacañang statement about Ateneo kid bully and family

Malacañang Releases Statement About Ateneo Kid Bully & Family

lea salonga on bully

Lea Salonga Reacts To Ateneo de Manila ‘Bullying’ Incident