BREAKING NEWS: 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Eastern Japan


Eastern Japan Hit by Earthquake with 5.5 Magnitude EARTHQUAKE – Japan Meteorological Agency recorded a 5.5 magnitude quake in the Eastern part of the country, June 24. Undeniably, among the natural occurrences that can hardly be predicted is the quake. It can occur anytime as the movement of the plates happen and one strong movement … Read more

Low-Pressure Area Expected to Enter PAR on Wednesday (May 8)

Low-Pressure Area

Low-Pressure Area May Enter PAR This Week The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that a low-pressure area was expected to enter the Philippines‘ territory this week. On Monday (May 6, 2018), the Japan Meteorological Agency said that a low-pressure area has been found east of Mindanao still outside the country’s vicinity. The weather disturbance was expected … Read more

No Injuries Reported on Mount Aso Volcano Eruption in Japan

Japanese government said there were no reports of injuries from the eruption of Mount Aso volcano on Saturday. Police and municipal governments said there were no reports of injuries from the eruption of the largest active volcano in Japan on Saturday. Mount Aso located at the main southern island of Kyushu erupted early on Saturday … Read more

Super Typhoon Meranti Brings Massive Waves Crashing Into Taiwan

Super Typhoon Meranti ran into the southern part of Taiwan on Wednesday where it brings big waves along the coastline of the country. Super Typhoon Meranti causes power interruption in some parts of Taiwan as it has become the strongest cyclone, hurricane or typhoon, of 2016 and is one of three most powerful typhoons ever … Read more

LOOK: Typhoon Lionrock Hits, Devastates Japan!

Typhoon Lionrock

Lionrock is the international name of Bagyo Dindo which also hit the Philippines before it crossed to Japan. Typhoon Lionrock made an impact to Japan on Tuesday afternoon, pouring heavy rains and slapping high waves into the country’s coastal areas that caused flooding along the Pacific Coast. Japan Meteorological Agency said, the typhoon made landfall … Read more

6.0 Magnitude Quake Hits Japan, No Damage Recorded

No tsunami warning was declared on magnitude 6.0 quake that hits Japan For the second straight day, Japan was hit by a strong earthquake on Saturday. Officials confirmed there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries recorded and no tsunami warning also. According to US Geological Survey (USGS), a shallow magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck … Read more