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BREAKING NEWS: Inflation Rate for January 2019 Released

Inflation Rate January 2019

January 2019 Inflation Rate Posted INFLATION RATE – The inflation rate recorded for January 2019 has already been released. Undeniably, the increasing inflation last year caused alarm to the public. In April, it was recorded at 4.5%. It continued to increase and has hit 6.7% in October. The rate depicts the increasing prices of goods … Read more

Breaking News: December 2018 Inflation Rate Decreases To 5.1%

Nueva Vizcaya PNP Director

The inflation rate in December 2018 decreases to 5.1 percent Philippine Statistics Authority reported that the inflation rate in December 2018 decreases to 5.1 percent. This fact will somehow bring a smile to the faces of many Filipinos who affected greatly by the high prices of commodities in the previous months. PSA’s recorded inflation rate … Read more

Breaking News: Inflation Rate November 2018 Released By PSA

Metro Manila Number Coding

PSA Releases Info Over Inflation Rate November 2018 INFLATION RATE NOVEMBER 2018 – The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released the inflation rate in the Philippines for November 2018. Undeniably, lots of people were alarmed by the increasing inflation rate in the Philippines in the previous months. It depicts the increase in the prices of the basic … Read more

Inflation Still Rising Although It Remains Steady Over Previous Months


Inflation Still Rising Although It Remains Steady Over Previous Months Inflation was still escalating and continued to be a problem in the country although it remained steady for the past few months. The inflation rate remained stagnant over the past few months amid mixed price movement shared by commodity groups. In October 2018, the inflation … Read more

BSP: Basic Commodity Prices Expected To Increase This Month

Basic Commodity Prices

Basic Commodity Prices Expected To Increase, BSP Says The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said that the basic commodity prices are expected to increase again this month of September. Over the past few months, the inflation rate on the prices of basic commodities has been one of the most discussed topics on the social media. The … Read more

Pokwang Expensive Jewelry Stuns People, Post Gathered Comments

Pokwang expensive jewelry gathered various comments. POKWANG – Kapamilya comedienne Pokwang expensive jewelry has stunned and caught the attention of the people which eventually gathered various comments. The inflation rate which reached up to 6.4% has undeniably deeply affected the people of whom are the consumers as well. In a previous report, even Gretchen Ho … Read more

Siling Labuyo Price Reaches P1000/Kilo, Gretchen Ho Reacts

Siling Labuyo Price

Here’s how Gretchen Ho reacted to Siling Labuyo price. GRETCHEN HO – The prominent female host Gretchen Ho reacted to the issue of Siling Labuyo price which already reached to as much as P1000 per kilo. In a previous article, the SM Supermarket has released their statement regarding the viral photo of a pack of … Read more