Broken Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway After Fooled by GF

EDSA Busway

Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway for Being Broken-hearted Due to His Girlfriend Authorities successfully stopped an alleged broken-hearted man who runs amok in EDSA Busway after being fooled by his girlfriend. InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT) posted on Facebook that a man is reported to have been yelling before vanishing after discovering that his … Read more

Traffic Enforcers Apprehend Rider w/ New Motorcycle For Wearing Nutshell Helmet

Traffic Enforcers

Video of Traffic Enforcers Apprehending Rider w/ Brand New Motorcycle For Wearing Nutshell Helmet Goes Viral TRAFFIC VIOLATOR – Several traffic enforcers apprehended a rider with a brand new motorcycle for wearing a nutshell helmet. The traffic authorities and the Philippine government are working together to implement stricter rules and regulations to reduce the increase cases of … Read more

Jeepney Drivers Cry Large Fines Over Passengers’ Face Shield Violations

Jeepney Drivers Cry Large Fines After Charge for Face Shield Violations JEEPNEY DRIVERS – Passengers should be the ones charged with face shield violations because it’s their fault not to observe protocols, drivers cry. During the operation of the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (IACT), many jeepney drivers were apprehended and fined after they were caught … Read more

IACT Distributes Free Face Masks to Commuters Along EDSA

Free Face Masks

IACT Gives Free Face Masks w/ Good Quality to Commuters The InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT) distributes free face masks to the commuters along EDSA busway. The Facebook page “Gadget Addict” has shared the video footage of IACT employees giving free face masks to the commuters. The video goes viral and earned praises from the online … Read more