Iza Calzado Car Run Out of Diesel While Driving On Her Way to Birthday

Iza Calzado Stuck in Traffic After Her Car Run Out of Diesel

Actress Iza Calzado reportedly stuck in traffic after her car allegedly run out of diesel while she was on her way to a birthday.

Iza’s sports utility vehicle (SUV) ran out of diesel and became stuck in the Ayala Busway station. The Inter-agency Council for Traffic (IACT), whose agents saved the actress, made this information public.

Iza Calzado Car Diesel

They claimed in their post that IACT operatives were directing traffic when an SUV abruptly halted. When the operatives asked the driver about his condition, they learned that he was on his way to the Dusit Thani Hotel when the diesel in the vehicle ran out.

They, therefore, cooperated to get it moving again. To prevent the automobile from being a total obstruction on the road, they spoke with the driver to assist her in purchasing diesel and directed traffic away from the vehicle. They were reportedly taken aback when they learned that Iza Calado was the owner of the car.

Ms. Iza Calzado thanked them while inside the car. The operatives still keep working despite their star-stuckness. The car was promptly refilled with diesel and taken off the road entirely, based on the post.

The agents did not hesitate to take a picture with the veteran actress who was well-known throughout the nation. Meanwhile, the seasoned actress thanked our agents, referring to them as “our heroes tonight,” in a Facebook story.

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