Lady Netizen Shares Success Story After Years of Hardwork

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen’s Inspiring Home Transformation and Financial Journey Warms Hearts Online A lady netizen goes viral and earns praises online after sharing her success story after years of hardwork. Olabey Desu, a Facebook user, shared their incredible before-and-after pictures of their home on the popular online community “Home Buddies.” Their journey serves as an inspiration … Read more

Former OFW Couple Become Direct Importer After Years of Hardwork

Former OFW Couple

Former OFW Couple Shares Inspiring Story After Reaching Dream Through Hardwork INSPIRING STORY – A former OFW couple became a direct importer of their own products after spending years of hard work. A Facebook user named Saundra Del Rosario Arciaga has shared her inspiring story from being an Overseas Filipino Worker to a direct importer. … Read more

Former Housemaid Becomes Licensed Pharmacist After Years of Hardwork

Former Housemaid

Former Housemaid Becomes Licensed Pharmacist After Years of Hardwork A former housemaid becomes a licensed pharmacist after studying for five years and working as ‘kasambahay’ for three years. The 23-year-old Joanna Rose Griño has finally reached her dream after passing the November 2021 Pharmacist licensure examination. She has been included on the list of passers, … Read more

Single Mom Finally Builds Dream House After Years of Hardwork

Single Mom

Single Mom Earns Praises Online For Building Dream House After Years of Hardwork DREAM HOUSE – A single mom named Wendee Arriesdago has finally build her dream house after years of hardwork. Wendee Arriesdago finally fulfill her dream to build her own dream house after spending several years of hard work and thriftiness. Her achievement … Read more