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Toddler Prefers Vegetables Over Fried Chicken


Toddler Caught Attention of Netizens as He Prefers Vegetables Over Fried Chicken A toddler’s preference for vegetables over fried chicken goes viral, eliciting a variety of comments from the online community. Mothers have been known to have a common struggle when it comes to getting their children to eat their vegetables. However, one four-year-old boy … Read more

Customer Slams Delivery Rider After “Kumurot ng Chicken Skin”

Customer Airs Dismay to Food Delivery Rider After “Kumurot” in Her Chicken Skin” A disappointed customer slammed a food delivery rider after he allegedly “kumurot” in the skin part of her chicken. A disgruntled Facebook user detailed an unpleasant encounter with a supposed food delivery rider. Kathleen Magat, a netizen, was dissatisfied after the rider … Read more

OPPO Fried Chicken? Unique Chicken Stall Goes Viral Online

OPPO Fried Chicken

Unique Chicken Stall Selling OPPO Fried Chicken Earns Reactions Online OPPO FRIED CHICKEN – A unique stall of fried chicken beside the road goes viral and earned reactions online. Fried chicken, commonly referred to as Southern fried chicken, is a dish made of chicken pieces that have been pan-fried, deep-fried, pressure-fried, or air-fried after being … Read more

DepEd Negros Says “Iwasan ang pagkain at drinks sa labas ng school” Due To Contaminated Chicken Joy Issue


DepEd Negros Releases Statement Over Contaminated Chicken Joy Issue DepEd Negros has finally released a statement due to the contaminated chicken joy issue “Iwasan ang pagbili ng pagkain at drinks sa labas ng school” Earlier, the video footage of a young student who bought a fried chicken outside school containing live maggots. The video footage elicits reactions from … Read more

Young Student Airs Dismay After “Uod” Came Out From Fried Chicken he Bought Outside School

Young Student

Young Student Gets Frustrated After Fried Chicken He Bought Outside School Contains Live Maggots A young student has expressed his disappointment after live maggots come out from the chicken joy he bought outside school. The Facebook age “Haring Alakdan” has shared video footage of a young student who bought a fried chicken outside school containing … Read more

Jollibee Held as Best Fried Chicken Chain in America


Jollibee Chicken Joy is The Best Fried Chicken in America The Philippines’ largest food chain Jollibee, named as the ‘best friend chicken chain in America by a United States based food website. Even in America, people consider Jollibee’s chicken joy to be the best because of its crispy skin outside and juicy meat inside. A … Read more

Lady Customer Slams Fast-Food Chain Over Alleged Disgusting Fried Chicken

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Airs Dismay Towards Fast-Food Chain Over Alleged Disgusting Fried Chicken A lady customer has expressed her disappointment and lambasted a popular fast-food chain over alleged disgusting fried chicken. A Facebook user named May Joy Bartolazo has shared the photos of alleged disgusting object she found on her fried chicken. The post immediately spread … Read more

Disappointed Customer Claims He Found Insect on Its Fried Chicken

Disappointed Customer

Disappointed Customer Slams Fast-Food Chain After he Found Disgusting Insect on Its Meal A disappointed customer lambasted a popular fast-food chain after he allegedly found a disgusting insect on his fried chicken. Over the past few years, a lot of customers have expressed their complaint regarding various fast-food restaurants after they have found disgusting objects … Read more