Content Creator to Filipinos: “I encourage everyone NOT TO EAT JOLLIBEE”

Pinoy Content Creator Encourages Filipinos to Boycott Jollibee

A content creator goes viral and elicits reactions over his controversial post: “I encourage everyone NOT TO EAT JOLLIBEE”

Jose Ingay, a Facebook user, shared photos of the shrinking size of Jollibee’s famous fried chicken. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and garnered various reactions from the online community.

Ingay encouraged his fellow Filipinos to boycott the beloved fast-food chain due to the shrinking portion sizes and rising prices of Jollibee’s products.

Content Creator

He pointed out that the taste of their food has changed over the past months, and he even went as far as to claim that the company might be cutting corners by sourcing cheaper ingredients.

Feeling ko binili to ni Jolibee kay manong sa kalye na tag 15pesos taz nilagay nila sa box hahaha yowo kayo Jollibee,” sabi nito sa comment.

Jose admits he doesn’t dine at Jollibee but expressed empathy for Filipino families struggling to afford Jollibee’s meals, particularly children who long to indulge in the iconic fast-food experience but are hindered by financial constraints.

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He called on Jollibee Corporation to take action to improve their service to Filipinos by providing generous portions, recalibrating prices, and enhancing quality control and supplier standards.

“I hope this post will awaken Jollibee Corporation to better their service to Filipinos. Provide your customer a generous amount of serving and try to recalibrate pricing and change your quality control and suppliers. Thanks for reaching out,” dagdag pa nito.

In an earlier report, a customer airs dismay over allegedly shrinking size of chicken joy

Content Creator

Here is the full post:

“I encourage everyone NOT TO EAT JOLLIBEE until they will realize that their main market is us…FILIPINOS!

Lately, this food giant let us feel we are less of a customer than those they service abroad! Their food servings here sucks, taste no longe the same, and the price is no longer makamasa.

I don’t eat Jollibee that much so I am not that affected but I care for these kids who wants to eat but their parents could no longer afford.


Jollibee is part of Pinoy culture, please Jollibee do something about your food servings, customer service, and lower your prices!”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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