Customer to Jollibee Chicken Sandwich: “Mas malaki pa kesa sa 1pc chicken with rice meal”

Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Surprise: Bigger Than a Chicken Meal?

A lady customer reacts to a Jollibee chicken sandwich, saying, “Mas malaki pa kesa sa 1pc chicken with rice meal”.

Over the past weeks, Jollibee has become one of the most discussed topics online due to the alleged shrinking size of their popular Chicken Joy. Numerous customers have expressed their disappointment after receiving undersized fried chicken.

Many netizens have lambasted the fast-food chain over the issue and urged other customers to boycott the company. Some of them prefer to switch to other brands to satisfy their cravings.


A recent post from a female customer has sparked attention online, as she compared the size of a Jollibee chicken sandwich to that of a 1-piece chicken with rice meal.

Mommy Sam Ocampo, a Facebook user shared a photo of her purchased chicken sandwich from the popular fast-food chain. The post quickly went viral and received various reactions online.

In her post, Mommy Sam humorously expressed her surprise. At first, she thought that the crew made a mistake and put the 1-piece chicken on bread. She expected to find bones since their chicken sandwiches are usually flat.


However, she was satisfied with the chicken sandwich because it was even bigger than their fried chicken with rice meal. It’s not uncommon for customers to share their thoughts and experiences with food products, especially from well-known brands like Jollibee.

Here is the full post:

“Akala ko nagkamali sila ng lagay at ung 1pc chicken nailagay nila sa tinapay. Haha! Nagexpect ako may buto Madalas kasi mejo flat ung chicken sa sandwich nila. Pero infairness, nasusulitan ako dito sa Chicken Sandwich ng Jollibee. Mas malaki pa minsan manok neto kesa sa 1pc chicken with rice meal. Sa true lang.”

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The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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