Travel Vlogger Airs Dismay on How Filipinos Treat Coffee Shops as Makeshift Offices

Travel Vlogger

Travel Vlogger Expresses Surprise at How Coffee Shops Are Treated in the Philippines A UK travel vlogger has expressed his dismay at how Filipinos treat coffee shops as makeshift offices. Dale Philip, a vlogger from Scotland, recently shared his vlog during his visit to the Philippines. He expressed his dismay at how coffee shops, particularly … Read more

More Filipinos Buy ‘Gayuma’ Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Reports Say

Valentine’s Day

Vendors Say More Filipinos Buy ‘Gayuma’ a Few Days Before Valentine’s Day According to some reports, more Filipinos were buying ‘gayuma’ or love potions a few days before Valentine’s Day. A few days before Valentine’s Day, many people have been preparing presents for their special someone. Aside from flowers or chocolates, did you know that … Read more

Filipinos React After “Hotsilog” Included on List of Worst Dishes in the World

Worst Dishes

Filipinos React After Taste Atlas Includes “Hotsilog” Among World’s Worst Dishes WORST DISHES – Filipinos react after Taste Atlas includes “Hotsilog” among the list of worst dishes in the world. Garlic fried rice, fried eggs, and hot dogs make up the classic Filipino delicacy known as hotsilog. The hot dogs prepared in the Filipino manner … Read more

8 Filipinos Arrested in Myanmar for Immigration Violations

8 Filipinos Arrested in Myanmar Over Violations of Immigration Laws Eight (8) Filipinos seek help from the Philippine government after being arrested in Myanmar over violations of immigration laws. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), at least eight Filipinos were arrested in Myanmar near the Thai border for breaking foreign immigration restrictions. According … Read more

Xian Gaza Explains Why Some Filipino Workers Are Sad to Get Back to Work “wala pa ring nangyayaring pagbabago sa buhay mo”

Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza Shares Thought on Filipino Workers Who Are Sad Returning to Work After Holidays The internet celebrity Xian Gaza explained why some Filipino workers are sad to get back to work after the holiday season. Christian Albert Gaza or popularly known as Xian Gaza has shared his thought on why there is some Filipino … Read more

Bella Poarch Laments Filipinos are Gifted with Talents, Not with Height

Bella Poarch Says Filipinos Have Many Talents But Lack of Height Internet superstar Bella Poarch shares thoughts about how Filipinos are gifted with many talents but they lack in height. Within a few months, Bella Poarch rocketed to prominence on the short-form video app TikTok. She joined the aforementioned social media network in April 2020 … Read more

Doc Adam Claims Famous Vlogs in PH are ‘Tsismis, Poverty porn”

Doc Adam Says Filipinos Like Vlogs with Tsismis and Poverty Pron Contents Australia-based doctor Adam Smith or popularly called Doc Adam claimed that Filipinos like vlogs with ‘tsismis, pranks, and poverty porn’ content. According to a Facebook post by the Aussie doctor, he discussed his findings of the vlog content that Filipinos frequently support and … Read more

Vico Sotto Laments Filipinos Obeying Rules Abroad vs in PH

Mayor Vico Sotto Compares Filipinos Abroad Obeying Rules vs in the Philippines Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto laments Filipinos abroad obeying their rules without hesitation vs while they are in the Philippines. Residents of the city recently asked Sotto why Sandoval Avenue had been dug up, yet it appeared that no workmen were present. Sotto … Read more

Filipinos are All Reported Safe After the Strong Earthquake in Sichuan, China


No Filipinos Reported Hurt in China’s 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Filipinos are all safe and reported no injuries as a result of 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Sichuan China, Department of Affairs (DFA) confirmed on Wednesday. According to documents from the Philippine Embassy in Beijing, Dinno Oblena cited, there are no Filipinos living in Ganzi County, Yaan … Read more